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     My brother and I have kept snakes since the late 60's. Besides USA species, we have kept Asian and African Cobras and other Elapids, OZ/PNG Elapids, and Vipers from Africa, Asia and S. America. We have always liked Cobras the most, so a few years ago, we decided to specialize in them. I met my wife Nang while on a trip to Thailand in 2009. In Jan. 2012, she moved here, and has been working with us breeding and caring for our collection.

     We keep 9 of the 11 recognized species of Asian Naja in our collection. Two species, Naja mandalayensis and Naja sagittifera are not available legally at this time. We have already bred 8 of those 9 species.

     Our Naja philippinensis bred on Jan. 18, 2016, and the eggs have hatched. We have now bred all 9 available Asian Naja species.

     Our first attempt at breeding King Cobras was successful. One pair of our Malaysian King Cobras bred on Jan. 23 & 25 and she laid 26 eggs on 04/13/16. The first hatchling pipped on 06/26/16, and they all hatched out by late 06/29/16.