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We are located near Lake City Florida

     If you live in Florida, and you want to make a purchase, sell, or trade with us, you must show us your State ID or Drivers License with photo, "Original" Florida Venomous License, and Selling Permit if selling to us, or send me copies, so we can call our F&W representative and check the validity of your copies.  If you do not have the proper paperwork, DO NOT contact us.

     If you live outside Florida, you must send us a scan or photocopy of your State Drivers License, as well as the name of someone we may know that can verify your knowledge in keeping venomous snakes. If you live in a state that does not allow the keeping of the specie that you want to purchase from us, DO NOT contact us. We will check. We also will not sell to one person and ship to another person.

 Email us: venomstreet@aol.com

Call most anytime: 386-963-5303  Leave a message and number and we will call you back.