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Please do not steal our photos for the purpose of advertising your own animals.

     All animals pictured on this page are in our collection, and owned by us. The photos were taken by us, unless otherwise labeled. We are always looking for more unrelated specimens. If you have something for sale, please contact us.









5 . 6  Naja atra  -  Chinese Cobra

(Formosa Island Cobra)

4 . 4 Brown Phase

AtrCbr-002-08-F.JPG (460603 bytes)

CB'08 Female


CB'10 Female


Adult Male


CB'13 Male






CB'15 Male




CB'15 Male




CB'15 Female




CB'15 Female


     The two brown female '08 and '10 Chinese Naja atra were acquired in a trade with a friend in Europe. I traded another female we had for the adult male. Thanks Carl.

The CB'13 male was acquired from Fascination Herps. The 2.2 CB'15s were produced by us from the 002 female and 005 male.

1 . 2 Black Phase

AtrCbl-001-14-M.JPG (322224 bytes)

CB'14 Male


AtrCbl-002-14-F.JPG (392121 bytes)

CB'14 Female


AtrCbl-003-14-F Female 2.JPG (421809 bytes)

CB'14 Female


.. ..
     The 1.2 Black Chinese Cobras were also acquired from Fascination Herps by our friend Victor. We will be raising them up and breeding them.


...........ID.#........... ......Hood...... Midbody Before.Vent Ventral Subcaudal
AtrCbr-002-08-F 27 21 16 174 50
AtrCbr-003-10-F 28 21 15 173 44
AtrCbr-005-AD-M . . . . ..
AtrCbr-010-15-F . . . . ..
AtrCbl-001-14-M . . . . ..
AtrCbl-002-14-F . . . . ..
AtrCbl-003-14-F . . . . ..


Most of the information below was taken from the website: Asiatic Naja by Wolfgang Wuster

Pattern & Color:

Dorsal color brown, gray or black; often light, chevron-shaped bands across dorsum, which are frequently split into double or quadruple bands; hood mark shape variable: spectacle, mask, horseshoe or O- shape, often linked to light throat area on at least one side; clearly defined light throat area, usually a pair of clearly defined lateral spots.




Around Hood - 23 - 29 (usually 25 - 27)

Mid-body - 19 - 21

Before Vent - 15

Ventral - 161 - 180

Sub-caudal - 35 - 51


90 - 120 cm, sometimes over 150 cm.


Northern Laos, northern Vietnam, China (north-east to the mouth of the Yangtze River), Taiwan, Hainan.

Taxonomic comment:

Easily confused with Naja kaouthia. Most easily distinguished by virtue of having lower ventral and sub caudal scale counts, particular when sex is taken into account.




Some of the information on this page was copied from the publications below.

WCH Clinical Toxinology Resources

The University of Adelaide, Australia


The Snakes of Thailand and Their Husbandry

by Merel J. Cox

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by Alan E. Leviton, George R. Zug, Jens V. Vindum, and Guinevere O.U. Wogan

Venomous Snakes: Snakes in the Terrarium

by Ludwig Trutnau

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Naja atra