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Click any photo to see a larger version.

Please do not steal my photos for the purpose of advertising your own animals.

     All animals pictured on this page are in our collection, and owned by us. The photos were taken by us, unless otherwise labeled. We are still looking specimens of Naja philippinensis, and extra specimens of species we already have. If you have something for sale, please contact us, at the link above.

     The 8 photos below were taken by me, of some of the animals that used to be in our collection. The animals pictured below those 8, are in our collection now.

          KaoB-001-08-M.jpg (117011 bytes)  SuphanF_04.jpg (146799 bytes)  KaoL-004-12-F.JPG (367030 bytes)


10 . 12  Naja kaouthia  -  Monocled Cobra


7 . 6   Normal  (het Amel)

KaoN-002-08-F.jpg (242604 bytes)

CB'08 Female (Het Amel)


KaoN-005-12-M.JPG (238683 bytes)

CB'12 Male


KaoN-006-12-F.JPG (436357 bytes)

CB'12 Female


KaoN-007-12-M .JPG (212038 bytes)

CB'12 Male


KaoN-008-WC-M.JPG (120806 bytes)

Malaysian Male


KaoN-009-WC-F.JPG (143893 bytes)

Malaysian Male


KaoN-010-WC-M.JPG (113331 bytes)

Malaysian Female


KaoN-011-WC-F.JPG (112755 bytes)

Malaysian Female


The name "kaouthia" is pronounced "Kee o tee ah".

     This CB'08 female was picked up in a trade as a baby on 11/19/08. She has the more normal color and monocle hood marking. She has proven to be heterozygous for Amelanistic. She also produced the 2012 male with the aberrant coloring as well as the 2012 female. Many people use the term "Albino" to describe what is actually an "Amelanistic" animal. Albino actually means white. Amelanistic means is lacks melanin.

     The 2012 male has an odd coloration as you can see in the photo above. He is getting lighter with every shed. The 2012 female is pretty much a "normal" looking Monocled Cobra, but since she came from the same clutch as the male with the aberrant coloration, I decided to keep her.

     Below are some progression photos of the CB'12 male's color fading.


1 KaoN-005-12-M 03_31_12.jpg (52702 bytes)

March 31, 2012

2 KaoN-005-12-M 07_11_12.jpg (50396 bytes)

July 11, 2012

3 KaoN-005-12-M 11_06_12.jpg (118193 bytes)

Nov. 6, 2012

4 KaoN-005-12-M 02_26_13.jpg (78570 bytes)

Feb. 26, 2013

5 KaoN-005-12-M 09_25_13.jpg (72353 bytes)

Sept. 25, 2013

6 KaoN-005-12-M 12_03_13.jpg (148539 bytes)

Dec. 3, 2013


..........ID.#.......... ......Hood...... Midbody Before.Vent Ventral Subcaudal
KaoN-002-08-F 28 21 15 187 49
KaoN-005-12-M 26 21 15 180 49?
KaoN-006-12-F . . . . .
KaoN-007-12-M . . . . .
KaoN-008-WC-M .. .. .. .. ..
KaoN-009-WC-M .. .. .. .. ..
KaoN-010-WC-F .. .. .. .. ..
KaoN-011-WC-F . . . . .
KaoN-012-15-M .. .. .. .. ..
KaoN-013-15-M .. .. .. .. ..
KaoN-014-15-M .. .. .. .. ..
KaoN-015-15-F .. .. .. .. ..
KaoN-016-15-F .. .. .. .. ..


Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia

1 . 1     Amelanistic Morph

CB'15 Male


CB'15 Female


. .

     Probably the most commonly kept and bred specie and morph of Cobra in the world.


..........ID.#.......... ......Hood...... Midbody Before.Vent Ventral Subcaudal
KaoA-007-15-M 29 21 15 183  
KaoA-008-15-F 29 23 16 184 51


Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia

0 . 1     Sunset Morph (Including Hets)

KaoSsH-001-05-F.JPG (82224 bytes)

CB'05 Female Het. Sunset


. .  

     The CB'05 female hatched out on 02/22/05, and we acquired her on 11/20/05. This is a Monocled Cobra with an aberrant hood marking similar to that of the Formosa Island Cobra (N. atra). They are not a N. kaouthia x N. atra cross. This female has proven to be het for the Sunset Morph.


..........ID.#.......... ......Hood...... Midbody Before.Vent Ventral Subcaudal
KaoSsH-001-05-F 31 21 15 180 47


. . . . .

Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia  Naja kaouthia

2 . 4     Suphan Morph

CB'07 Female


KaoS-006-090F.JPG (247731 bytes)

CB'09 Female


CB'13 Male


CB'11 Male


CB'11 Female


CB'11 Female


      The word "Suphan", is pronounced Soo-Pan, and comes from the Central Thailand Province of Suphan Buri, sometimes written as Suphanburi, where this morph can be found. It can also be found in Ayutthaya, Ang Tong, and Ratchaburi Provinces.  The Suphan Cobra is not a sub-specie, but a color variant of Naja kaouthia.


..........ID.#.......... ......Hood...... Midbody Before.Vent Ventral Subcaudal
KaoS-002-07-F 31 22 15 180 48
KaoS-006-09-F . . . . .
KaoS-007-13-M . . . . .


Most of the information below was taken from the website: Asiatic Naja by Wolfgang Wuster

Pattern & Color:

Variable; hood mark O or mask-shaped, may be faint, but absent only in few populations; dorsal color yellow, brown, gray or blackish; plain or with ragged or clearly-defined cross-bands; throat pattern usually clear; one pair of lateral throat spots, encroach only on lowest dorsal scale row. Ventral color usually similar to dorsal color, may be light. Underside of tail light, subcaudals usually dark-edged.



Around Hood - 27 - 33

Mid-body - 19 - 23  Usually 21

Before Vent - 13 or 15

Ventral - 170 - 197

Sub-caudal - 46 - 61 Normally all divided


100 - 150 cm, occasionally up to 230 cm.


Northern India (east of Delhi), Assam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Northern Malaysia, Cambodia, southern half of Vietnam, probably southern Laos, China (Yunnan, Sichuan).

Taxonomic comment: 

The "Suphan cobra" ("N. k. suphanensis") is a color variety of N. kaouthia known from Central Thailand. All intermediates between "typical" Suphan cobras and "typical" N. kaouthia are known, and a molecular genetic study showed no differences between these color forms.




Some of the information on this page may have been copied from the publications below.

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