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.Click any photo to see a larger version.

Please do not steal my photos for the purpose of advertising your own animals.

      All animals pictured on this page are in our collection, and owned by us. The photos were taken by us, unless otherwise labeled. We are always looking for unrelated specimens. If you have something for sale, please contact us.

     The 8 photos below were taken by us, of some of the animals that used to be in our collection. The animals pictured below those 8, are in our collection now.

          KaoB-001-08-M.jpg (117011 bytes)  SuphanF_04.jpg (146799 bytes)  KaoL-004-12-F.JPG (367030 bytes)


1 . 0  Naja kaouthia  -  Monocled Cobra

 KaoN-005-12-M.JPG (238683 bytes)

CB'12 Male



The name "kaouthia" is pronounced "Kee o tee ah".


     The 2012 male has an odd coloration as you can see in the photo above. He is getting lighter with every shed. The 2012 female is pretty much a "normal" looking Monocled Cobra, but since she came from the same clutch as the male with the aberrant coloration, I decided to keep her.

     Below are some progression photos of the CB'12 male's color fading.


1 KaoN-005-12-M 03_31_12.jpg (52702 bytes)

March 31, 2012

2 KaoN-005-12-M 07_11_12.jpg (50396 bytes)

July 11, 2012

3 KaoN-005-12-M 11_06_12.jpg (118193 bytes)

Nov. 6, 2012

4 KaoN-005-12-M 02_26_13.jpg (78570 bytes)

Feb. 26, 2013

5 KaoN-005-12-M 09_25_13.jpg (72353 bytes)

Sept. 25, 2013

6 KaoN-005-12-M 12_03_13.jpg (148539 bytes)

Dec. 3, 2013


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