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Please do not steal my photos for the purpose of advertising your own animals.

     All animals pictured on this page are in our collection, and owned by us. The photos were taken by us, unless otherwise labeled. We are always looking for unrelated specimens. If you have something for sale, please contact us.


2 . 1  Naja nigricincta  -  Western Barred Spitting Cobra

(Zebra Spitting Cobra)

Nigr-001-11-M.JPG (262902 bytes)

CB'11 Male


Nigr-002-11-F.JPG (348538 bytes)

CB'11 Female






CB'08 Male



          We received this pair from a friend on 05/11/13.


Pattern & Color:

Light or dark brown to black, with vertical white or light yellow bars. The bars have flecks of brown or black and are generally evenly spaced along the length of the snake. The bars can either be straight and complete across the entire dorsal side of the snake, or they can be broken up into fragments, sometimes ending in an upside-down "Y" formation. This barred pattern can sometimes carry over to the ventral side of the snake. The ventral scales range from white to orange in color, and are often colored with patches of brown. 

Juveniles are predominantly white, gray, or yellow with light gray to black bars. 


Around Hood - 21 - 25

Mid-body - 21 - 23

Before Vent - 14

Ventral - 190 - 218 M     196 - 226 F

Sub-caudal - 59 - 73 M     57 - 71 F


Max about 1.5 meters



Sub-Saharan Africa, Namibia and Angola.

Taxonomic comment:

Easily confused with Naja kaouthia. Most easily distinguished by virtue of having lower ventral and sub caudal scale counts, particular when sex is taken into account.





Some of the information on this page was copied from the publications below.

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