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Click any photo to see a larger version.

Please do not steal my photos for the purpose of advertising your own animals.

     All animals pictured on this page are in our collection, and owned by us. The photos were taken by us, unless otherwise labeled. We are still looking specimens of Naja philippinensis, and extra specimens of species we already have. If you have something for sale, please contact us, at the link above.

     The 4 photos below were taken by me, of some animals that used to be in our collection. The animals pictured below those 4, are in our collection now.

CapeF.JPG (106483 bytes)     


1 . 1  Naja nivea  -  Cape Cobra

Niv-001-13-M.JPG (300344 bytes)

CB'13 Male


Niv-002-13-F.JPG (346086 bytes)

CB'13 Female


. . .
          This pair sent to us from our friend Victor on 10/29/13.


..........ID.#.......... ......Hood...... Midbody Before.Vent Ventral Subcaudal
Niv-001-13-M . . . . .
Niv-002-13-F . . . . .


Pattern & Color:

Juveniles are yellow with a black band on the throat covering approximately ventrals 6 to 18, this fades to brown in subadults and disappears completely in adults. Specimens from the Kalahari sands of Botswana, central Namibia and northern Namaqualand are uniform yellow apart from a dark tail tip and sometimes a few scattered brown dorsal speckles. Further south the amount of brown speckling increases above and below and eventually dominates over yellow, there is also a uniform golden brown phase.



Around Hood - 21 - 23   Very Rarely 19 or 25

Mid-body - 21   Very Rarely 19 or 23

Before Vent - 15   Very Rarely 13 or 17

Ventral - 186 - 215 Males     193 - 228 Females

Sub-caudal - 52 - 68 Males     50 - 67 Females


Males to about 1.8 m, females to about 1.67 m.



Central and southern Namibia, southwestern Botswana, and the western provinces of South Africa, just entering western Lesotho.

Taxonomic comment:







Some of the information on this page was copied from the publications below.

African Journal of Herpetology, 2004 53(2):101-122. A review of the southern African ‘non-spitting’ cobras (Serpentes: Elapidae: Naja)



The Snakes of Thailand and Their Husbandry by Merel J. Cox

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