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     All animals pictured on this page are in our collection, and owned by us. The photos were taken by us, unless otherwise labeled. We are always looking for unrelated specimens. If you have something for sale, please contact us.


Phi-001-11-M               x               Phi-003-11-F


1 . 1  Naja philippinensis  -  Northern Phillippine Cobra

CB'16 Female


CB'17 Male




..........ID.#.......... ..Around.Neck.. ....Midbody.... ..Before.Vent.. .....Ventral..... ..Subcaudal..
Phi-006-16-F . . . . .
Phi-007-17-M . . . . .


Most of the information below was taken from the website: Asiatic Naja by Wolfgang Wuster

Pattern & Color:

Fairly stocky build. Pattern: adults uniformly light or medium brown, occasionally some lighter variegations; juveniles dark brown, with lighter variegations, sometimes a dark band behind the throat.




Around Hood - 23 - 27  (Usually 25)

Mid-body - 21  (rarely 23)

Before Vent - 13 - 14

Ventral - 182 - 193

Sub-caudal - 36 - 49


Up to 125 cm long. Rarely more.



Philippine Islands: known with certainty from Luzon, Mindoro, Catanduanes and Masbate, likely to occur on other neighboring islands. Records from the Calamianes group and Palawan require confirmation.

Taxonomic comment:








Some of the information on this page may have been copied from the publications below.

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